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stormgymuk instructors

Meet Our Instructors

Based in Luton

At Amir Subasic's Stormgymuk, our instructors have the skills and experience of martial arts to teach our students at a high level. All our instructors have years of practice and learnt the techniques of K1-Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA. You can trust our instructors to train yourself or your child effective techniques and practices safely, along with the discipline and respect that comes with martial arts. Get in touch to find out more about our Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA Classes.


Amir Subasic


HEAD COACH Amir Subasic

Amir started his Martial Arts journey when he was 5 years old and has since then always been involved in Martial Arts. He is a 7th Dan Kickboxing Instructor and holds several black belts in other Martial Arts. He also has an extensive Military and Special Forces background. His skills are unmatched and a love for the sport has always been his driving force. Head Coach Amir Subasic is also the co-founder and the current K1 World President of the WKO (World Kickboxing Organisation) and Founder and Co-Director of SUPERFIGHTSERIES CHAMPIONSHIP, one of the UK's top promotions and events.



Lucy is Amir's business partner and right hand for Stormgymuk. She started her Martial Arts journey with Amir back in 2007. She is a Certified Fitness Instructor and 1st Degree Black belt Martial Arts Instructor. Lucy enjoys weights, fitness and all aspects of wellbeing and training. When she teaches, be prepared as she will put you through a killer strength and conditioning regime. Her classes are a great, well prepared workout, and she is always assisting Amir, be it in the gym or at events, and always welcomes you with a smile.

Lucy Smith
Shaz Rahman


INSTRUCTOR Shajna Rahman

Shajna started her Martial Arts journey with Amir many years ago. In this time, she has achieved her 1st Degree Black belt and has worked closely with Master Subasic within the club. Not even serious injuries kept her away from training and teaching. She has a great eye for detail and is an amazing person, too. She genuinely wants to see the students grow, gain knowledge and strength. She is willing to push everyone to the best of their ability and has their very best interest at heart.


INSTRUCTOR Masuma Tafadar

Masuma started her Martial Arts journey with Amir many years ago and has since not left his side. She has a keen interest in evolving in Martial Arts and trains and teaches on a regular basis. She is firm but fun and her classes are amazing and always prepared in advance. She is a Black Belt 1st Dan in Kickboxing, and is working on her next level already. A very crucial part of the Storm apparatus and the one to go to when looking for technical advice.

Mas Tafadar
Matt Anderton


INSTRUCTOR Matt Anderton

Matt, aka "SUPER RHINO", is a Storm veteran fighter and coach, and like all coaches has been by Amir's side from the very start. He is a great motivator and instructor, and you are in for an amazing session when he is down to teach. Matt is all heart and soul and very passionate about the next generation warriors. Always there when needed. A qualified Martial Arts Instructor and soon to join Amir teaching the new MMA Classes.


INSTRUCTOR Aiden Patsalides

Aiden started Martial Arts training with Amir years ago and is one of our very own fighters and qualified instructors. Aiden has always been Amir's right-hand man in the ring and gym, especially with the world renowned STORM MINI TROOPERS. Together we created many champions and will continue to do so. He has a big heart and is a great and loyal man. For a great session, Aiden is the right person.

Aiden Patsalides


INSTRUCTOR Alexae Patsalides

Please meet True Storm Family, PadMan, Fighter and Instructor Alexae Patsalides. Always here to lend a hand , push the fighters to the next level and help them achieve their goals. Always smiling and pushing the Storm Machine to the next level.

Instructors & Fighters: Team Members


Do you want to teach and share your knowledge of Martial Arts to the next generation? If yes, please contact us!


Meet Our Fighters

For amateur and professional level K1-Kickboxing, Muay Thai & MMA Classes in Luton, contact Amir Subasic's Stormgymuk on 07883 033953 or email us at

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